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This rod is built on a 10' 5wt 4 pc IM6 graphite dark blue blank. It is moderate/fast action (very crisp and light for a 4pc rod) and will cast both a 4wt line and a 5wt line with equal balance and precision. There arent very many rods out there that come in 10' lengths in lower "wt" rating like this rod is so the size and extra length on this rod make it the perfect rod for nymphing & dry fly fishing because the 10' length helps to keep more line off the water which makes mending much easier.

The reel seat on this rod is made of acrylic and is blue&white swirl design and was custom turned especially for this particuliar rod, and is mounted on high quality Nickle Silver fine thread reel seat hardware which will never tarnish. The custom grip on this rod is all 100% Exotic cork from lamar fishing products. The grip was custom hand turned and features exotic Aransas cork in the center, brown burl cork intermediate sections, and rubberized ends with matching blue 1/8" trim offsetting each trasition from one style cork to the next. It is of Reversed Half Wells (Western) design.

The wraps on this rod are Royal Blue (without Color Preserver) which blends into the dark blue color of the blank to give each wrap a translucent effect and has metallic silver five turn trim bands on the edges of each wrap. It also has some metallic blue trim wraps on both sides of the inscription area on the butt section. Also included on the butt section is a full color trout inlaid under the finish for protection, as well as the Midwest Custom Fly Rods name inscribed onto the butt section ahead of the trout image.

Guides are light weight single foot design triple plated Stainless guides as well as a ceramic inserted stripper guide.

This rod also comes with a velvet 4 pc matching rod sock to protect it during travels from one river to the next.

Special Christmas only price on this rod $125.00

Thats a savings of almost 40% on this rod between now and December 25th only!!!


The rod below is a 9' 7/8wt 4pc High Modulas 44 million modulas IM7 blank. It is Matte black in color, has a custom turned AAAA quality birds eye black ash reel seat with a hand burned etched trout on it. Hevy duty A8 hardware, a removable fighting butt with screw in 1" and 2" butts so you can adjust which one you want to use in certian situations. Thread color is Classic twist black&red which is a discountinued thread no longer made that I stocked up on so this will truely me a wrap color that you will not see anywhere else. Trim bands are single turn "Electra" which is a gold/irradecent color and done in what I call "quad single turn trim" which means each guide has four single turn trim bands (something that has become a trademark of mine on some of my rods). Double foot snake guides and ceramic stripper round it out. This is truely a one of a kind completely custom fly rod that is as beautiful looking as it is casting. very crisp action with lots of power.


This rod is a new series of rods I will be carrying called the "Traveler" series. Blank is an IM6 Graphite blank, 8' 4wt 7pc, custom turned acrylic seat, BUL5 hardware, ceramic inserted stripper, single foot guides, high grade cork grip with recessed from hood, comes with rod sock and PVC tube and breaks down to about 14". Perfect for backpacking/Hiking/Air travel/ or under the car seat so your ready to fish anytime you come across water!