Rod Component Options

Reel Seats

An example of some of the many different types of wood that can be custom turned for use on your custom built fly rod.


This is an example of some of our low cost options that you can choose to personalize your rod without adding much at all to the cost of the build. The top grip is an example of a plain cork grip that we use for our standard budget build. The middle grip is the same standard cork grip, just with some colored accent pieces added between the cork rings when it was glued up before it was turned. The last grip is a standard cork grip with some darker burl cork accents added fore&aft to give it a more refined look. The colored bands or burl cork can be added anywhere on the grip the customer desires. The color of the trim accents, as well as how many are added, are also up to you the customer. These accents will set your rod apart from the average rod and yet only cost a few dollars more than a plain grip.

Fighting Butts

Fighting butts can be added to any rod that is 5wt or larger. Usually anglers will add a fighting butt to a rod that is used for larger species or hard fighting species of fish, such as Salmon, Steelhead, Saltwater, or Smallmouth bass. We offer 3 sizes of fighting butts that we can install upon your request.

Exotic Cork

Exotic cork custom designed grips.