Midwest Custom Fly Rods In Action!

By far the cutest customer of Midwest Custom Fly Rods to date! For her 4th B-day this little girl got a 6' 2wt fly rod and promptly went out with her grandpa and caught her very first fly rod trout, a nice fat lil' 11" rainbow! Nice job kid'o!!

Large King salmon taken on a CTS 9'6" 8wt Affinty plus series custom built rod.

Nice pike from Michigan taken on one of our 9' 6wt Fly Logic custom built rod.

In the heat of the battle! Will Mullis Sr from Ohio dukeing it out with a fiesty Smallie on the Au Sable river in Michigan.

Nice looking custom rod&reel combo we put together for gill fishing.

Large 30" carp from the surf of Lake Huron taken on a "Half&Half" Streamer being cast on a T-200 sink tip line from one of my 10' 8wt Switch Rods.

This 12 lb Male brown trout was landed on a small egg pattern fished on a custom built 9'6" CTS "Afinity Plus" model 8wt fly rod that I built. The rod features a fast action yet has enough sensitivity in the tip to fish light leaders and small flies.

Another happy customer of Midwest Custom Fly Rods. This one holds a dime bright chrome steelie taken in a PA stream during January.

A fine looking Smallmouth bass taken by a customer from Ohio on a trip to Michigan fishing the Au Sable river with one of my custom 6/7wt Tiger eye rods.

Good anglers come in all ages and this customer from PA is proof of that. This 10 year old customer bought a rod with his own money and prompty went out on the first trip with the rod and landed this beautiful largemouth bass. The rod was a 8'6" 5wt Matrix and from the looks of his first fish on it, I would say that rod is in for a lifetime of work catching some really nice sized fish as long as it's in his hands. Great job on the bass buddy!